Dominique Ansel Bakery New York Part 2

As I told you I went to Dominique Ansel’s bakery twice while in New York. Something was stuck on my mind so I couldn just leave it at one visit. After tasting the cronut I read an interview with him in which he stated that he ate one DKA EACH DAY. As curious as I was I had to get one (or two) just to know whether it was really that good.

The DKA is a kind of miniature version of a French pastry called “Kouign Amann”. It’s basically bread dough with layers of butter and sugar in between and baked long enough to puff up and caramelize. A first bite into it revealed the caramel goodness that was the crust.


The inside is soft, flaky and buttery. It’s a heavenly piece of pastry, seriously. And readily available, no queuing involved. Do yourself a favor and EAT THIS! It’s one of my very favorite pastries and I’ve tried a lot in my life.


My relative joined me again and wanted to bring 5 back to Taiwan… that’s why we ended up buying 8 or so. The DKAs survived the flight well if you are interested. Now take a peek into the dessert display… I took one of the cheese cakes home with me that you see at the front.


However, we ran around town for another 2 hours and it was quite hot. I would highly recommend you to eat the cheese cake as soon as you can since I ended up with this at home:


It looked seriously devastating, but the great taste made up for bad looks. One of the things I’d eat again, but that I’d only transport in cold weather or eat at the bakery immediately.

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