Waiting for a cronut

The cronut craze started somewhere around May if I remember correctly. Sadly I wasn’t in New York to taste Dominique Ansel’s first flavor rose vanilla. To say that I love rose as a dessert flavor is grossly understated. I will literally jump at it. Anyway, I made it to the big apple in late July and decided to go queue in front (or a few blocks around) the bakery with a relative. In the end we waited for 2 hours to finally be let into the bakery. There I was relieved to find these:

Cronut tray

It was the month of July, so the flavor was Blackberry. A fun coincidence given my blog name I think. Another 20 minutes and an empty wallet later I had two cronuts packed in a golden box. And many other goodies that disappeared oh so quickly…

Cronuts before being cut

Of course we had to cut into the cronuts for taking pictures. In between the dough was cream (ok, that’s too much coincidence.. but no, my blog was not named after these cronuts) and blackberry jam. It had blackberry icing on top with a few sprinkles of lime flavored sugar. The dough itself was slightly crispy on the outside, moist and soft on the inside with a flavor of (grape seed) oil. Taking a bite of it gives you an interesting mix of textures and flavors. I especially enjoyed the 2 bites with lime flavored sugar and wished it was sprinkled all over the cronut.


Now were they worth the wait? Yes, for satisfying my curiosity, but not really for the culinary factor itself. Don’t get me wrong, they were really good and if there was a rose flavor again I’d even queue for 3 hours, but the blackberry flavor was just not “2h-waiting-time-good”. Maybe half an hour… no seriously, go there at noon or later and grab a DKA, because that one is mindblowing. I even returned to the bakery a second time just for the DKA. That’s something I’d queue an hour for… And Dominique’s other creations are very, very good as well. More on them next time.

Oh and don’t eat too much sugar, you know…


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  1. Hmmm, they look really yummy :) But what a pity that they didn’t really measure up to your expectations. I can imagine that they were good nevertheless, but I know how it feels, when you are waiting for something so long and then it’s like “oh, not bad, but could be better”. That’s how I’m feeling when I’m waiting months for a movie in cinema. Mostly I’m disappointed because I just expected more :-/ ;)

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  2. You would seriously wait for three hours? Wow, youre tough!

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    • Sure, as long as the weather is fine and I’m being entertained in the meantime by either people or mobile devices :D but then again I’m one of the crazies who would also queue 45min. to see what the fuzz is about a certain Kebap…

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  3. Respekt für deine Geduld – ich hätte niemals 2 Stunden gewartet! Da müsste schon ein superstar inkludiert sein ;)

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  4. I felt exactly the same when I finally got to try an infamous cronut. They’re good, but not worth the wait or the calories… I’d rather have a plain croissant or plain doughnut :)

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