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Now that the weather is getting colder we need to find some good-looking ways to protect ourselves from colds. My first choice is a scarf, ideally made from soft Cashmere in a loud color. But after years of wearing only mono colored scarves I wanted something more playful. So Burberry comes into the game. You will know Burberry for the classic beige checkered Cashmere scarves. But they do many other colors as well, in a great way actually. My first buy was this bright blue scarf made from a light Cashmere fabric. An adorable sales assistant at Burberry ordered it for me online into the store. This way you don’t have to pay any shipping costs (which are around 15€ I was told) and it arrived lightning fast…


I love the other color accents in purple and black. Those are exactly my colors. But I almost didn’t buy this one as it looked at tick more turquoise online and when it arrived it had not turquoise at all. Glad I kept it as I would have missed it right away after returning.
However, I still wanted to have a scarf in the thick, brushed Cashmere fabric, so I organized a spontaneous ride to the designer outlet in Parndorf and basically found the one color combination I was eyeing for many months online (shown on the left in the pic below). It was the last one of course and well hidden… I only got it because I called the store in advance to inquire about anything containing turquoise. Talk about determination.


Here we have Burgundy, purple, blue and turquoise. I love it. And if this wasn’t good enough the scarf had a 40% discount. So I found the last brushed Cashmere scarf in my desired color harmony for 40% off at the nearest Burberry outlet. Lucky day, lucky scarf. Seriously! And yes, the picture above is overexposed. The real colors are a bit darker. Compare the first scarf on the first picture (very true to life) and on the right in the second picture…

And guess what, I didn’t catch a cold yet despite everyone around me bombarding me with gazillions of bazillions in the last few weeks. Okay, it’s not really because of a scarf, or even Burberry, but my habit of popping vitamin pills once I suspect the slightest cold going around. But that is another story…

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  1. I love the scarves! The colours are really beautiful and brighten up this dark time of the year.
    I am absolutely fond of Burberry scarves, the quality is so good, but I haven’t found the right colour combination for myself yet.

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    • Keep on looking for the perfect color combination! If there’s nothing this year you might want to go to one of the Burberry outlets. The one in Parndorf had many colors to choose from, even more than the Burberry boutique in the city if I remember correctly… otherwise you have to wait for another year until the new collections comes out… which colors would you like to have?

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      • I love your colour combination, these are my favourite colours, but it wouldn’t work well with the rest of my wardrobe. I like the classic combination and the lighter grey version. Unfortunately there is no Burberry shop or outlet near me, so perhaps I will go on a shopping trip during the christmas holidays.

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  2. Ohhhh total kuschelig und schön. Ich find beide wirklich schön und kann dich verstehen, über Rabatt freut man sich immer. Danke übrigens für den Tipp mit dem bestellen im Store :)

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