Chanel Classic Wallet on Chain

One of my most practical bags is the Wallet on Chain by Chanel. It is mostly a clutch, or an oversized wallet, with a chain long enough to carry it effortlessly.


It’s small enough to not bump into people at events, but big enough to carry your essentials like money and cards (it’s a wallet after all…), cellphone and keys. Maybe some chewing gum, tissues and lipstick. That’s it. The Wallet on Chain is perfect for a quick lunch or just a walk outside as well.

I planned to buy this thing since the beginning of 2013, but this particular combination of black caviar leather with gold hardware was always sold out. Be it Berlin, Paris or Vienna, all the same… and when Vienna had one I was lying in bed with a 39° flu, couldn’t care less about bags back then. But one fateful day in the summer I called the Vienna Chanel boutique again and they actually had one… needless to say that one became the one, finally.

What do you use for nights out or going to lunch?

Author: Jenny

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