Dinner at Meierei Stadtpark

I was recently invited to a yearly alumni meeting. It took place at Meierei Stadtpark, one of my favorite places in Vienna. Until now it was my first choice for breakfast and brunch, but I never had dinner there. So I was more than excited to try their dinner menu as well as chatting with former colleagues again.

The evening was lovely due to the people, but also the food there. We had marinated beets on sweet potato waffles with wild mushrooms as a starter. The dish didn’t only look amazing, it tasted very good as well. The compostion is true to what the Meierei stands for: fresh ingredients of high quality, combined in a creative and unpretentious way.


The main consisted of two venison variations, chestnut-curd dumplings, brussel spouts and quince. The venison variations were as tender as you would expect from something housed in the Steirereck building. One of the variations came with a slightly sweet and sour sauce, the other was only salted, but both were superb. The dumplings were delicious with a bit of tartness from the curd. The brussel spouts and quince were the perfect addition to the meat and dumplings, not only because of their flavor, but the texture as well. Overall the mix made the main very enjoyable.


The finale was steamed curd cheese with salted caramell and mirabelle sorbet. While the curd was soft, a bit sweet and only a hint of sour, the salted caramel tasted heavenly. Very sweet and flavorful, pairing well with the curd, the tart mirabelle sorbet and tangerine filets. Again, a well balanced and composed dessert from the Meierei that I now consider as a more casual version of the Steirereck with amazing dishes nonetheless.


This reminds me that I need to go to the Meierei soon again for breakfast…

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