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When I was in France this summer I also made a quick visit to Monte Carlo as it was only a 30min. trainride away from Nice. After arriving there I realized there wasn’t really that much to see, so hunger set in and I decided to pay a visit to the Joel Robuchon restaurant there. If you’ve read my first post about Joel Robuchon you will remember that he has a total of 28 Michelin stars. And more than impressive potato mash.

The Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo restaurant prides itself with two Michelin stars and looks distinguishably different from the Ateliers that I’ve been to in London, Taipei and Paris. While the casual Ateliers are kept in a modern black and red theme, this Joel Robuchon is housed in the Hotel de Metropole and kept in classic beige and dark wood interior. It’s also relatively hard to find, at least for me since I couldn’t find the street number as described online for the life of me. So if you are unfamiliar with Monaco google some pictures of the Hotel first, it will make your journey significantly easier.

My boyfriend and me decided to go with the lunch menu and each got this jelly amuse geule, of which I really can’t remember anything…


Then followed my first appetizer, thin octopus aspic slices with olives and tiny pieces of peppers. It was really good and made me interested in more.


The next appetizer was a small arrangement of slightly cooked vegetables, iberico ham and poached egg. I loved the crisp, fresh vegetables, together with the “ham and egg”. Each piece of veggie was delicious and made me question again why some people don’t like vegetables in the first place. If they’re done well they’re even better than meat, seriously. The idea of this dish is really simple, but the execution really convinced me.


Since my bf wasn’t as hungry as me he only got a filet steak with a side I didn’t photograph and remember… but the steak itself was nice.


My main dish looked less spectacular, but was the special of the day. Lamb with the infamous potato mash. As I adore lamb and believe Robuchon’s potato mash to be one of the best things on earth I had to choose this dish.


The lamb meat was very tender and flavorful. A couple of crispy bacon pieces added an extra punch of taste and texture. The heavenly potato mash was as amazing as always. I could bathe in that stuff (and I think I’m repeating myself). Needless to say I cleaned off the plate and emptied the small bowl in its entirety.


Awesome meal so far, but the dessert was yet to follow. For the lunch menu I was allowed to choose up to three desserts from the tray. Of course I took full advantage and got two small pieces of cake. Lemon on the left and chocolate hazelnut on the right.


Both were very good, but not as fascinating as the following piece of beaten egg whites with caramelized nut bits, floating in vanilla sauce. The red coloring wasn’t from berries, I guess it was just food coloring to enhance the look of the dessert. To be honest it wasn’t much of a looker, but sooo delicious.


Now that was a great ending for a superb meal. While the main dish and final desserts lacked a bit of looks they totally made up in flavor. So if you happen to be in Monte Carlo going to Joel Robuchon is definitely something I can recommend.

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  1. my friend swears by the Atelier de Joel robuchon on the champs Elysee.
    next time i am in paris – i want to try and check it out…. so hopefully next week :)

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    • Oh yes, that one is fantastic as well. It will be featured in one of two more Robuchon posts on here. Enjoy your stay in Paris, and if you have the time please try out “Le Restaurant” at L’Hotel (located on 13 Rue des Beaux-Arts), I didn’t post about it yet, but it was truly amazing.

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