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On Nov 4 my very favorite bread boutique opened its second location on Landstrasser Hauptstr. 4 in Vienna. You know, the bakery which has a queue in front of it everyday… of course I couldn’t wait to try their new bistro and patisserie offerings. A spontaneous visit to the place on a Saturday noon revealed that it was pretty full, what a surprise… However, we (my bf, his brother and me) were lucky and got a table pretty quickly. As it was the first week after the opening the service was a bit inefficient – I literally waved at the waiters to get their attention since I was hungry like a hulk… anyway, once we ordered the drinks and food came faster than I would have expected.

We ordered the elderflower ice tea, but it tasted more like sweetend herbal tea. Not bad, but overpriced for what it was. My bf and his brother suspected it was the herbal tea on the card, but the waiter confirmed it was the elderflower ice tea. Oh well.


Then my “bread salad” was served. I expected it to be smaller in size since I thought it was only an appetizer. But it’s large enough to be a main (if you’re not hungry as a hulk that is). I ordered it blindly without knowing what to expect, but as bread is the specialty of Joseph I simply had to order it. It’s not your typical salad as it has slightly curried einkorn, marinated fennel, grilled bits of veggies, goat cheese and bread bits. Something I wouldn’t usually order as it sounds too healthy. But it was a nice dish with an interesting mix of flavors and textures. All ingredients taste great together and on their own, so I would definitely recommend this bread salad if you feel like having a healthy meal.


Now the obligatory burger, of course. Usually the weakest chain of burgers are the buns (soggy, tasteless, overpowering etc.). But this is the bistro of a bakery, so I had high expectations. The bun itself was crispy and perfect, hiding a flavorful medium grilled lamb patty, onion rings, an apple ketchup and a fried egg. Great combination, not your typical burger, but a version I would always order again. Especially with the “Pommes Fritz”… crispy fried bread sticks instead of potatoe sticks. Served with the delish apple ketchup and a mustard egg sauce. Two (minor) points of criticism though: the serving size is not really big… but Joseph has always been about quality over quantity, right? Second thing: my bf and his brother got the lamb patty well done, while mine was still rosey on the inside. As I love my meat rosey (and for steak: dripping with blood) it was perfect. My bf likes his slightly less rosey and his brother only eats well done. Sounds alright? Well if they had actually asked us about the patties, then yes. But they didn’t at all, so it was only by chance that everyone got their meat the way they liked it… or Joseph hired mind readers for waiters, who knows.


Ok now, I was pretty full after eating two (moderately sized) mains, but I simply HAD TO try their patisserie offerings as well. Imagine you are at the best bakery in town, so the patisserie must be top notch, right? Look at this:


I would have loved to try everything, but since I’m not a 6 feet tall guy we decided to order 4 desserts in total and share (well, actually I forced everyone to share with me…). From left to right: “Punschkrapfen” with coconut flakes, Sacher cake with lots of apricot jam, lemon tarte with a cherry filling in the middle. The Punschkrapfen tasted different from what I’m used to, but pleasantly so. Very good. The Sacher cake was so moist and soft! I don’t like the original too much as it’s dry and only good with whipped creme, but this one here was very very yummy. The lemon tarte was a bit too sour for my liking though, but perfect for my bf who likes lemony stuff sour.


And the fourth dessert: a hazelnut praline. It’s basically chocolate dough on the right, nougat with caramelized hazelnut bits in the middle and hazelnut dough on the left. Held together by milk chocolate walls, glued on with nougat, topped off with nougat and a cocoa covered hazelnut. Loved it, although my stomach was telling me to stop eating 10 bites ago.


All in all the food was great! The quality is top notch from bistro, patisserie and bakery alike. Their service is a bit inefficient, but I’m probably spoilt by establishments that have been running for longer than a week… however, the waiters are nice once you get their attention. I’m sure they will get up to speed once they’re used to having that many guests. One thing one could critize: their prices are not for the faint of heart (hello €6.20 hazelnut praline!) and based on the fact that almost all ingredients are organic. Fine enough, I don’t care as long as the quality (taste!) is the way it should be.

Best thing at last: this Joseph location is open on Sundays too! Yayyy fresh bread everyday!!! :-)

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  1. Omg ich hab jetzt so Lust. Ich liebe ja das Brot von Joseph und muss das Bistro unbedingt testen.

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  2. Schaut alles lecker aus! Werde bald hinschauen müssen! :) Auch wenn die Patisserie doch etwas teuer ist. Aber man gönnt sich ja sonst alles! ^^

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  3. Wow das sieht lecker aus…irgendwie bekomm ich immer mehr lust im 3. Bezirk zu wohnen…
    Da muss ich bald mal vorbeischauen!

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