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This one is gonna be pic heavy. It’s about Koi, an Asian all you can eat restaurant in Vienna, but with an a la carte ordering system. For a price of €18.90 (on weekends and nights) you can have as much sushi, sashimi and much more as you want. There are only a few exceptions that you can only order once (scallops, lamb), but for a sashimi lover it’s quite a deal. For a buffet the quality is good, but don’t expect the quality you get at “real” sushi places. Here is a glance at their menu:


I was there with Kim and my boyfriend. We started with some sushi.


Then a double portion or my beloved butterfish in the back. I ordered another double portion (6 pieces) later on again…


Slightly seared tuna in soy sauce for Kim.


The sweet and sour soup of my bf.


Jellyfish! But far too salty… the texture was funny though.


Tom Yum soup, decent quality for a buffet restaurant!


Scallops, each person can only have one.


Gyoza with pork filling.


Shrimp with a creamy garlic sauce.


Shrimp with garlic. You can never have too many shrimp, right?


Lamb, but there were too many spices on it… I prefer all meats with a bit of salt and that’s it.


Raw oysters. Unusual in a buffet restaurant in Vienna… The ones on the side were okay, but NEVER EVER eat a raw oyster that has that green slime of the one in the middle… While I love raw oysters I never had one that was green, so I wasn’t sure whether it was still edible or not… I took a chance and spit out the first bite in lightning speed… thank god Kim didn’t take the one since she never had an oyster before and wouldn’t know if an oyster was supposed to taste like this… So if something looks/feels dodgy, don’t eat it… I was fine afterwards but I won’t eat raw oysters at places that aren’t specialized in them anymore…


Bamboo clams (not on the menu either). These were okay, but they were the marinated kind that I’m not too fond of. I like my seafood ultrafresh with salt (just as I like meat lol), but oh well, what can you expect at a buffet restaurant…


Another course of Sushi. I like the carb free version with cucumber haha


Shrimp dim sum, but seriously, if you want dim sum, go somewhere else.


And finally, lots of desserts. The puddings in the plastic cups were so so, wouldn’t take them again. Same with the muffin and not shown cake pieces. But the fried coconut flake balls on the bottom are very very good. They’re filled with some kind of vanilla custard. I could eat tons of them if I wasn’t so full already…


So my verdict is: go there if you want to devour huge amounts of sashimi, sushi and shrimp and don’t care if it’s only slightly above usual buffet quality. If you want quality over quantity then go to DOTS. Something I like about Koi is that you can try pretty exotic things for Vienna (jellyfish, chicken feet, bamboo clams), but the quality of those things are mostly so so only, which kind of misses the point when trying something new… However, I’ll certainly go again for butterfish and shrimp.

Author: Jenny

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  1. carb free Sushi Looks interesting.
    how brave that you tried the oysters…..i would have been terrified…. had one too many bad oyster experiences in one of the best Restaurants in London and i dont touch them anymore since. :)

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  2. I love your pictures. The food didn’t look that good in real life, lmao.

    And I’m glad that I didn’ pick the green oyster. I would have gotten my first and probably last oyster intoxication, hahahahaha :D

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