Pasta e Basta

I’m always on the lookout for a quick and nice place to lunch during the week. When I saw Pasta e Basta on my way to work I knew I had to go there since I’ve visited another location years ago and like the concept and food a lot. Each day there are two pasta dishes and that’s it (apart from appetizers and a salad). This time I chose Beef ravioli with creamy savoy cabbage and green salad.


My order was served very fast. The ravioli filling was probably beef with ricotta cheese as the meat taste was weak. But together with the savoy cabbage it tasted heavenly. Very fresh, hot and yummy. The crisp salad only had a vinegar and oil dressing, but that was exactly what I wanted. The meal size was decent as well.

The place itself is very lively at lunch time, full of office people chattering away. Ideal if you want to go on a quick lunch with colleagues and friends. In addition they also offer ravioli with different fillings for you to buy and cook at home. A couple of variations caught my eye already…

I really liked what I had and will certainly go there again soon, also to bring something home. Have you been to Pasta e Basta already?

Author: Jenny

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