Smythson Mara Card Case

Some weeks ago I was desperately looking for a business card holder. The odd thing was that I didn’t even have my own business cards yet. I was in the official start phase of a start up without cell phones and landline as the registration of new companies take ages in Austria. But I kept receiving cards from other people that I didn’t know where to put apart from my overflowing wallet. No, I don’t have too much money, but rather too many cards and bills for the tiny men’s wallet that I use nowadays. While I do have a purple card holder by Prada it is so tiny that most biz cards fit in very snug, and the ones of my previous employer didn’t fit at all…

So my first thought went to Louis Vuitton, as usual. They have the most durable accessories, which are perfect for a klutz like me. But I didn’t like the designs offered. Next up was Gucci, but oh so many monograms… then finally Cartier. But that option felt too expensive for what it was. Then a friend showed me his Aspinal Mock Croc case, which looked really nice. However, I discovered one that fitted my taste even better. A Mock Croc case done by Smythson in a rich midnight blue with gold lettering. Click here to see the Mara card case on Smythson’s website.


As I had it personalized with my initials and sent over from the UK it was a tiny bit more expensive than LV or Gucci. I think I paid 15€ or Pounds just in shipping, and another 20€ our Pounds for personalization. But is looks so much better than the mainstream brands. And gold letters on midnight blue look super nice.


Now the only thing missing are my business cards. But they are coming in soon… in the meantime I have my blog’s cards ready. How do you like them? I know the logo is different, but the one in the header just didn’t look good with any food pic…


And if you have started to look for Christmas gifts, look no further. Smythson has wonderful accessories, from wallets, to card cases, to their famous diaries to bags… all done in superb English quality. I couldn’t be happier with my card case. What are you using for your business cards?

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  1. Ohhhh das ist total schön und eine nette Idee, ich bewahre meine momentan in einem Mini Börserl von Furla auf. Werd mir das merken für meinen Freund :) der braucht sowas unbedingt.

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