Spontaneous buy at Zara

When I went to Zara on Saturday I planned to buy another Cashmere pullover in grey. But alas, there was no more Small in all of Vienna and online… and the Small size is pretty loose cut already. Anyway, something else caught my eye in between and I had to take it with me although at first I thought it was something else…


This thing looked like a necklace first, until I realized its chain was far too short for a normal sized neck. When I took a closer look at the packaging it indicated a ring-bracelet… I love the design, it’s so pretty! And I’m sure I can use it as a necklace too, as soon as I find a chain with the right lenght to attach to it. I love the costume jewelry by Zara lately.

And yes, I added some artificial sparkle to increase the bling factor…

Author: Jenny

Enjoying the finer things in life

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