Flying Frühstück at Labstelle

When I saw a couple of pics of Labstelle on various blogs I got interested in trying something there. That way I also got to know their “Flying Frühstück”, where they serve you various breakfast dishes as well as lunch. It is recommended to reserve 2 and a half hours for it, but at the end we were there for 3.5 hours…

The first thing you get is three sorts of bread, butter, apricot jam and a red beet spread.


The butter is a wee bit hard for the soft brioche, so you shouldn’t start with that… but once you managed to get it on the bread with jam it is pretty good. The red beet spread is quite interesting as it reminds me a bit of berry yogurt, but with red beet. 5min later a small selection of cheese and meats arrived.


The meat variation is solid, tasting good, but not too special. I think there could have been a bit more cheese than one sort, but there were a lot more courses to follow. So here comes some kind of ham on goat cheese topped with Sauerkraut.


I actually liked it for its freshness. The size of a few bites was just right for this one. Then came a piece of meat in aspic with a few pickled veggies. I liked that one as well, but still nothing to blow me off my feet.


Then followed a goose liver mousse with elderberry jam.


Not bad, especially with some bread. But from the looks of it you could have thought this is dessert… so one of the servers actually messed up the sequence of the dishes from us and the neighbouring table. My lucky bf got a second serving of this as a result. Next up was a dried ham with potato mash mousse and spinach.


I think I have a thing for potato mash. This airy mousse version of a mash was heavenly! Could have gobbled up a lot more of this and was sad once I reached the ham and spinach… anyway, classic scrambled eggs followed.


Cooked just right, no frills. Then a wild garlic risotto with cream cheese followed.


Not bad either, but by that time I was so full I wished the portion was smaller. But that was just the beginning of the lunch courses. A small portion of Sauerkraut and sausages followed.


Again, good classic, but not spectacular. Another meaty dish followed:


Some pork with classic potato mash and mushrooms. Liked the mushrooms the most! And finally came the dessert.


Chocolate cake with pears and a small granola yogurt.

All in all the Flying Frühstück is a solid, hearty Austrian breakfast for times where you have lots of times… but to be honest, I wouldn’t get that same menu again as it simply took too long for what it was. Most of the dishes could have been prepared by me at home if I wished to do so and that’s simply not good enough for me when eating out.

However, I would recommend trying one of the appetizers of Labstelle’s regular menu as they were pretty interesting the time I came there before the breakfast. I had a salad with a red beet dressing that was beyond delicious. And my bf had a thick mushroom soup that I really liked. So in my opinion the strength of Labstelle are actually veggies dishes as all meats they seem to serve were processed. I will try something else there again, but for brunch I cannot recommend Meierei or Joseph Genuss enough…

Which places are your favorites for a Saturday/Sunday brunch?

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  1. das restaurant steht auch schon lange auf meiner liste :)
    werde es auch mal ausprobieren, aber dann wohl eher auch nicht beim frühstück, sondern wie du vorschlägst “zur normalen Tageszeit” :)

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