Chanel Mirabella – high quality images

Happy Easter everyone! As promised here are the better pics of Chanel Mirabella, which a friend gave me to take pics. I finally had time to take care of my blog again…

The first one is next to an Hermes box so the H fans among you will see the difference. Mirabella is a bit more coral than a real orange.


And here are more images, all taken in cloudy daylight, some nearer, some farther away from the window.


The color is quite bright, but not a neon yet. I think it would suit tanned skin very well. My hands are a pale MAC NC20 I would guess lol.


I did use color correction etc with Lightroom, but the color really is a chameleon.


In case you were wondering about the camera: the pics were taken with my Canon EOS 5D MarkIII. And no, my skin isn’t really that smooth, but reducing the noise of the original RAW files did that…


Do you plan to get it? I think the color is supposed to come out in the next weeks.

Stay curious for my next, long-planned post on, a start-up like no other!

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