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I’m the biggest victim of hypes. If things are hard to come by I need to know why, first hand, even if it’s only to satisfy my curiosity. Okay, not all things, but food and bags get my attention pretty fast. I queue two hours for a cronut, I checked net-a-porter frequently just to see if any Mansur Gavriel bucket bag popped up by chance, but no…

If you like bags you will have seen them pretty much everywhere on the internet, especially on bloggers. The clean design and leather stand out against other designer bags nowadays and I have a faible for leather that is capable of darkening with time and developing a patina, which means character to me and lots of scratches to other people…

I didn’t think I would come across one of these babies this year as they are simply sold out everywhere. But alas, one night while I was browsing Facebook randomly the FB page of Mansur Gavriel announced the launch of their own e-Shop… as a pessimist I didn’t think they would ship to Austria. Buy boy I was wrong… for a mere 100$ (which is almost a fourth of the bag) they will ship with DHL Express! So I ordered, and waited and waited… later orders were shipped out first, which was quite irritating as I feared the bag that I ordered and paid for might have disappeared or what not (again, I’m a pessimist). But finally, after 4 days of waiting the bag was shipped and from then on it went really quick… picked up on Wednesday night it arrived at noon on Friday in Vienna. Nevermind me running around like a frantic in our Boulesse office as the DHL guy didn’t have change for the whopping import duties (another 108 Euros and 64 cents, but as a seasoned international eCommerce shopper I knew I had to pay a fourth of customs duties to the Republic of Austria to begin with *sigh*). Basically it took 3 additional people, my boss, Jen and my bf to get the exact 8 Euros and 64 cents (I briefly played with the thought of just giving the DHL guy 10 Euros for the heck of it, but then again there was no point giving him a “tip” just because he inconvenienced me, the customer by not having change…).

Enough talk, here it is, my Cammello bucket bag with raw interior:


Standing next to a Louis Vuitton Epi Petit Noe in Toledo Blue. Actually the base of the Petit Noe is a bit bigger than the one of the Mansur Gavriel. If you ever wondered: a MacBook Air 13″ fits inside, but around 1 inch will stick out at the top…


Of course I compared the leather to Louis Vuitton’s old Nomade line (small key holder). I love the rich caramel color and hope the MG will get near that tone some day. On the right you see slightly darkened Louis Vuitton Vachetta.


Basically MG’s leather is not as uniform and smooth as LV Vachetta and it’s very stiff right now, making funny noises. But it will eventually darken and does have the characteristics of Vachetta, i.e. I placed a drop of water on the inside of the drawsting and the drop was absorbed instantly, leaving a dark mark as long as it was wet and fading away while drying.


The close ups show you the veining of the leather…


… and some scratches already. I don’t mind them since the appeal of these bags is the “character” to me. I want to see it aging, aging well and gaining a rich honey color on the way. Until then I have to hope for good weather as I don’t dare to carry it in the rain yet (water marks… major nightmare).


Now if you want to buy one and aren’t already on one of the waitlist of some retailers: forget it. The e-Shop is supposed to restock in December (as read on Mansur Gavriel’s Facebook page)… they did their marketing well…

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  1. Hi! Can I ask you how much you paid for the bag in total? I am waiting for the MG shop to restock them in december and would want to order from there.


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    • I had to pay shipping and customs fees on top of the retail price of the bag (you can find them on their official online shop), but the sum depends on where you are shipping it.

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