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Now I’m arriving at the most pleasant part of the Street Kitchen Food Market, Macaroom. Their macarons were a real positive surprise to me. After trying the Laakronen of Oberlaa, a fairly reputable bakery in Vienna I gave up on finding decent macaroons here. McDonalds Caramel ones being the best I had in this town…

Crackberrycream with Macaroom Macaroons

Crackberrycream with Macaroom Macaroons

Macaroom manages to get the shell the way it’s supposed to. Slighty crunchy and gooey when necessary (salted caramel!). Packing great taste with the filling (hello vanilla and lemon poppyseed!). They really are able to compete with Ladurée and Pierre Hermé that I always eat when in France and any other country that has those two famed French maisons. Oh my, there were a few that lacked a bit in the flavor department, but most were excellent. So excellent that I deem Macaroom the best in town. Absolutely. To aid my own failing memory I will quickly type up each flavor I tried and a comment for future macaroon binges.

– Pistacchio: I’m not usually a pistacchio flavor fan, but this one is really good, lots of great nutty flavor. Highly recommend

– Salted Caramel: Oh my god. My very favorite. Chewy towards the center and full of caramel goodness, just as I like it. The only thing they could improve is to make a sticky caramel filling instead of the caramel cream. Just a suggestion, would still buy them without changes. McDonalds can go home with its sweeter version that lacks in the caramel flavor department by comparison.

– Chestnut: One of the few “meh” ones. The flavor wasn’t intense enough and while I know that chestnuts aren’t as heavily flavored as e.g. caramel there is still room for improvement. Or simply a different flavor. Like rose, or Ispahan… my very very favorite dessert flavors lol.

– Chocolate lemon ginger: Again, not usually a fan of such a combination (fruit with chocolate is a no no for me, I don’t like sour combined with chocolate at all). But if you do you will really like this one. Very well balanced flavors.

– Peanut Butter: flavorful, yummy, everything a PB fan likes. Now please make one with grape jam inbetween ;-)

– Raspberry: This one was a real let down. Compared to the jam filled versions this one lost because it was filled with a light raspberry cream and lacked the fruityness I would expect. I don’t now why, but have the feeling Macaroom is not a fan of putting jam or gelee fillings between their beautiful macaroon shells.

– Whisky Walnut: I love this one, almost as much as the salted caramel. You get lots of walnut with just an alcoholic hint. Beautiful.

– Lemon Poppyseed: I really liked this one. The lemon poppyseed ganache is packed with a fresh lemon taste and one of their best fruity macaroons

– Cassis: The most visually appealing macaroon of the bunch. Pale turquoise shell and deep purple filling. My two favorite colors in one macaroon. Amazing. The cassis taste though could be stronger…

– Chocolate Orange: Very chocolaty, very orangy. I love this one as well.

– Chai: The third and last one that was disappointing. Not enough flavor.

– Double Chocolate: Very chocolaty… great if you like chocolate flavored anything. I’ll stick to the real thing.

– Vanilla: Quite a surprise. Plain vanilla is usually the last thing I would try, but this one is truly delicious and anything but plain. You can see the vanilla beans clearly in the ganache and even more taste it. Heaven.

– White Chocolate: A bit of a surprise as well as white chocolate itself doesn’t have that much of a taste in comparison to other sweets. But Macaroom managed to capture all of it. To the point that the shell was clearly different than the other ones as I’m sure they used melted white chocolate in it. The texture was a bit brittle. Very good nonetheless.

– Mojito: Refreshing lime meets lemon and chocolate. Good idea, good macaroon.

So the next time I’m gonna visit their real store for the first time I would order Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Walnut, Lemon Poppyseed and Cassis (just for the color). And whatever new flavor they come up with…

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  1. Ich war vor mehreren Wochen dort und sie hatten die meisten Sorten leider nicht mehr. Buuh!

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