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The first Street Kitchen Food Market took place in Vienna last Thursday and Friday. As far as I know other cities have had their fair share of food festivals for many years, but Vienna is a bit slow with some things… Anyway, I was quite happy to have almost 50 booths to choose from.

It was very crowded as I assumed as ticket prices were only EUR 2 per person. In addition lines formed in front of certain stalls and blocked the way and sight for many people. I would recommend pre-painted lines on the floor next time, or at least just tape to show people how to queue properly. Viennese aren’t exactly fond of waiting for food nor used to queuing for anything… prices were high, portions were small, and still I felt the urge to devour half the offerings of the market as two days weren’t much. In the end there were stalls I could have done without and stalls I should have queued for. But let’s see first what I have photographed with my iPhone (in my total laziness):


So my first stop was the stall of Wiener Honig as I was interested in their coconut honey. Unfortunately it was sold out and will only come back in a couple of months :-(


Ok, whatever… the next thing on my list was a burger by Fisch-art. Since the line was so long I decided to go with two instead… Triple Cheese Surf ‘n Turf as well as the Juicy one with scallop and bacon. I actually liked the one with scallop and bacon better than the regular with shrimp. The burgers were pretty delicious, but I wished they had fries… and the beef was too peppery for my liking. My favorite is still the Shake Shack Shackburger overall.


During the long wait for Fisch-art I sneaked up to Macaroom‘s stall as my boyfriend held the place in the line. As it was pretty late (8PM?) only 3 flavors of 15 remained, but luckily all 3 were ones I wanted to try anyway. And since they were so good I came again on the next day. A lot earlier this time and took 1 of each flavor… more on that in the next blog post.

Before we left on Thursday I also tried a beef heart skewer, a cunapé and chicha morada at Lima56, a stall with Peruvian dishes. The beef heart was a bit too tough, nothing like the tender one I had at Okra many months ago. But the drink was really yummy, too bad it was so small. And finally I tried a small piece of Tirolean cake for EUR 3… it was the only thing left at the Streetfood stall that had a very long queue hours before. It was good, but not worth the price, like many of the things offered at SKFM.

So on day 2 I first got all the macaroons I wanted, then queued for some kebap-like thing at Streetfood as I figured it should be good with such a long queue, no? I cannot for the life of me remember what these pan-fried breads were called, something with “P”, so if any of you know what I mean I’d be thankful for a comment. I chose the French Onion Chicken Filling and watched it being freshly prepared. It turned out quite yummy and with EUR 4 per piece was one of the cheaper offerings at the Market, but still overpriced considering the small portion and that you can get a big and equally delicious Kebap for less in Vienna…

Still a good beginning for the day. Now it was time to meet up with Kim and her friends while my bf was too busy programming at home… If there is something I take my time for then it’s food and photography. Well, the next dish I had to try is something he wouldn’t have tried anyway. It’s good that everyone else was willing to try it, since I didn’t want to finish it all by myself… Let’s see those crispy crickets and grasshoppers with garlic dip and bread…


Yep, I had the urge to try insects. Just for the heck of it. I only wanted a very small portion out of curiosity as insects are deemed the protein source of the future. The hardest part was to take these between my fingers as I usually try not to even touch insects. Then actually putting one into my mouth… chewing on it released an oily flavor and I’m still not sure if the little taste came from the frying oil or whatever was left inside those crickets and grasshoppers… they were very crispy and fatty. Only the garlic dip gave them true flavor… now I can say that I don’t give a flying f*** about insects being a better protein source for the environment, they don’t taste good and taste is the only thing that matters to me when it comes to food…

Well and at this point I should have tried Cidresteak and J.Kinski, but went with Kim and her friend for Crepes as they smelled delicious and the queue was almost equally as long as for Fisch-Art… I even opted to take 2 Crepes (the longer the wait, the more I feel I need to order to make up for the lost time…). Big mistake though. The dough was too salty as these Crepes were supposed to be sweet. My bitter orange crepe was more bitter and salty than sweet and the blueberry-apple one with green tea Chia seeds tasted so healthy that I didn’t feel the urge to devour it like your usual Nutella crepe. Oh well, finally I opted for a Brezn with volcano ham. Also good, but nothing groundbreaking, unfortunately…

Overall I spent enough for a lunch at Steirereck and got to experience an array of food ups and downs that would not occur in such a short timeframe and so conveniently located together otherwise. I would go again, but next time with a bit more research on the stalls since this was a bit spontaneous (seeing the event by chance on facebook two days before the start).

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  1. Irgendwie wäre ich gerne dort gewesen und irgendwie bin ich froh das ich nicht war. Ich würde sogar nen fixen Preis zahlen wenn ich dann von allem ein bissi was kosten kann. Die Insekten erinnern mich sehr an König der Löwen und sollten wir irgendwann wirklich nichts mehr anderes haben, werde ich mich wohl von Früchten ernähren :D

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  2. Oh ja, die Crepes waren so gesund…. Ich habe etwas ungesünderes erwartet und wurde sehr enttäuscht :'(

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