The hot pink smoothie – my latest obsession

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a few of my hot pink smoothies. While I love fruits in general there is something magical about blending several delicious ingredients and being able to gulp the result down faster than you can peel an apple. Usually though, my smoothies aren’t that photogenic. However, I got the idea to blend some left over red dragonfruit into a smoothie and have been hooked on that fruit eversince. While the taste is more on the mild side the color and nutrients are extraordinary. Red dragonfruit flesh isn’t simply red, it’s a deep magenta that adds a distinctive color to every smoothie. But dragonfruit isn’t only visually appealing, it also contains a powerful antioxidant called indicaxanthin.

For these reasons I pimped my last few smoothies with a healthy dose of red dragonfruit and look at the results:


An exquisite blend of strawberries, mango, watermelon, red dragonfruit, ground cherries and jackfruit.


This concoction is actually a simple banana milk, with added red dragonfruit just for color. The taste wasn’t much different from regular banana milk.


The third drink looks very much like the first, but apart from the watermelon and dragonfruit it is made up of different ingredients: red dragonfruit, papaya, banana, raspberries, muscat grapes and watermelon. Also very delish!

It seems my favorite fruits also taste amazing blended together. What are your favorite smoothie recipes?

Author: Jenny

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  1. :-) This smoothie hype is totally beyond me – however, I love the colors of those shown here!
    HAPPY Sunday :-)

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